I got a new brother

I got a new brother
I don't know what to think about this...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little brother for the New Year!?!?

Well I just can't believe this my mom has gone and gotten my biological little brother and brought him home to stay!

I'm jealous because he's smaller and was able to get through a hole in the fence and got back in the house while I was stuck in the main back yard. He got into the side yard went through the new doggie door and surprised mom while she was showering. He's sneaky.

But we play hard and sleep hard. I know mom likes it at the end of the day when she can lay on the couch, read a good book and listen to us snore.

Plus it's cold here and an extra body to snuggle up next to is always nice so I guess he'll do... for now.

On the bright side my boyfriend Harry went with me so it helped coushin the blow of a new rival.

Oh Harry is such a Dreamboat! I heart him :)

Oh back to my little brother...

Please help mom name him. Here are a few she's thinking about, it changes on the hour:

Paddy (mom likes Irish names)
Onslow ("Keeping Up Appearances")
Cooper (For Sheldon Cooper of "Big Bang Theory")
Louis (Louis Armstrong)
Benjamin (Benjamin Franklin and he's the youngest male)
Edgar (for our great great great grandfather)
Owen (the farmer on "The Vicar of Dibley)
Dublin (mom likes Ireland)
Sean (Sean Thornton "The Quiet Man")
Liam (Liam Neeson)
Atticus (Atticus Finch "To Kill A Mockingbird")
Boo Radley ("To Kill A Mockingbird")
Smithy (character on BBCs "Gavin and Stacy")

Oh I can't remember anymore time for a nap!

Thanks to his Fairy Godmother too (aka Harry's mom) she went with us...


  1. Libby

    We likes your new brother, he looks like you! We also like the names Cooper (we love Sheldon too!) and Dublin (cute and orginal for a pugger). Good luck to you and your Mom.

    Sequoia and Tuni

  2. I posted over at Harry's blog that your brother looks like a Simon. But I also like the name Cooper. I'm looking for a little girl puggie and that's one of the names I've considered as a possibility since it's kind of gender neutral. Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Libby, and I hope your little brother gets a name real soon! Otherwise he'll be LB (little brother)!

  3. OMG...ONSLOW!!!! (every time we think of him we'll say "AW NOICE!")

    We still think Monte goes well with Libby (like the canned fruits!)

    Whatever you decide to name the little sweetie...it will be perfect!

    Keep us posted!

    S-Dog and peeps

  4. He is so cute...We kind of like the name Cooper

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Hi Libby! I can't believe you got a brother. How lucky are you? I'm still partial to the name Monte, but whatever your mom decides to name him will be perfect.

    That Harry sure is a lucky pug.

    Stubby xoxo

  6. Hi Libby
    You are so lucky to get a brother! But that does mean- double the trouble!
    I have been thinking of names and left some over at Harrys house,
    You and your brother are mighty cute!

  7. Libby, a little bro is a GOOD thing! You can blame him for any little "gifts" that mom finds, chewed shoes, excessive barking....all manner of things. You can get off scott free, I know. I got a sister a few years back. Usually I can pawn off nay bad behavior on her.....plus, she is pretty cuddly and sometimes actually fun to play with. Plus, I call her silly names!

    and sidekick the Foo

  8. Thanks so much I never thought about that, I can blame all the boo boos on him, hmmm this might be a good thing!

    Oh my mom needs a vacation and I hear she's going on one in 9 days so hopefully she will decide on a name before then but then again she might need a vacation to think straight.

    So far LB has been a bonus since it's soooo cold here, nice to have a snuggle buddy when Harry is not here.

    Ok hopefully mom will show me how to get to y'alls sights too so I can visit! I think I'm going to get with my man Harry and plan a trip to meet y'all (whoops I mean yous guys).



  9. Hi Libby!
    I am soooo excited about your new brother! How fun!!!

    I kind of like Louis. I like how Libby & Louis sound together- just like siblings!!